The investigation continues in the case of Facebook data, Cambridge analytical

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Continue investigations relating to the issue of a statement of Facebook Inc. Cambridge analytica Cambridge Analytica, where he explained a member of the British Parliament that he had been the access of Russia to the data of tens of millions of Americans, which has been collected by a researcher from the University of Cambridge for the company was employed in the presidential campaign for Donald Trump in 2016, said Damian Collins Damian Collins, said that an investigation Britain found evidence that the data collected by Professor Alexander Kogan Aleksandr Kogan on behalf of the Cambridge analytica may have been accessed from Russia and other countries.

Said Collins, a member of the British Parliament which says parliamentary investigation of the British in misleading information via the internet, CNN CNN, said that this discovery was made by the information Commissioner’s office, which is the data protection authority in Britain, said: “I think what we need to know now is who are these people and what is the free access which they got, and were able already to take some of these data themselves and use it for anything they want”.

Professor Alexander Kogan, Professor of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, may began working with the company Cambridge analytica in 2014, where he applied personally on Facebook collects data from users, as well as all friends of the users, which allowed her to gather data tens of millions of Americans, and the disclosure of this earlier this year, which is a scandal for Facebook.

Filled Cougar professor at the University of St. Petersburg Russian government, in conjunction with his work at the University of Cambridge, he made several visits to Russia, which was confirmed by a Cougar, where he said he had visited Russia in May 2014, before starting to collect data for Cambridge analytica, and his next visit to Russia was in the month of April 2016.

And by that time had began to delete most of the data Facebook collected for the Cambridge analytica, added to the existing data on the device it was anonymous, which means that it has been stripped of personal identifying information, and my kogon delivery of the Facebook data gathered for Cambridge analytica to any of Kievan Rus, it was unlikely that someone in Russia could access the data from your his computer without his knowledge.

Added Cougar “from my side, I’m not aware of Kievan Rus has access to my data,” but did not rule out that it might be the data view unintentionally while in Russia, in response to the comments of Collins, said Kogan: “I don’t know what can happen to the data once delivered to the Cambridge analytica, so hard for me to adapt”.

He said the Cougar he’s gonna need to see more information before to comment more, adding: “it may be simple, where was the representative of the company SCL, the parent company of the British company Cambridge analytica, in Russia it is likely that contact the remote server company to see some of the files, and this could have something to do with the authorities of the Russian, it could be just someone who checks his mailbox etc”.

Couldn’t Collins specifically mentioned that how the access to data, and it exists, and how it was used, said: “there is a lot of interest to see to what extent it benefited the people in Russia work carried out by the Cougar with his colleagues”, adding: “is it possible, indirectly, that the Russians have learned from the Cambridge analytica, and used that knowledge to run ads in America during the presidential elections”.

The newspaper The Observer British official in the Office of the information Commissioner to say: “is access to some of the Regulations associated with investigation via the IP addresses of the Russian and other regions of the CIS”, without that administrator specifies in the report the data that was accessed.

The Office of the Commissioner of the British information in the last week that it planned to impose a fine up to 500 thousand pounds, the largest amount allowed under the Data Protection Act, due to violations of the Data Protection Act and the failure of Facebook in the protection information of the users personal, ignoring the warning signs that maybe she could prevent the company Cambridge analytica of manipulation of public opinion and the exploitation of customer data in all around the world.

She said the University of Cambridge in a statement: “we acknowledge the progress report from the Office of the information Commissioner, we will continue to cooperate fully with the Commissioner, we will work with universities UK”, but she refused to comment on the allegation specified that data collected by the Cougar may have been accessed from Russia.

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