The iOS update 11.4 – can cause problems in camera?!

The iOS update 11.4 is the official update of the current system for iOS devices iPhone and iPad, is update a sub is supposed to solve the problems of the system that creates them, a few days ago we spotted several problems in the battery and the speed of depletion on the number of phones the iPhone, and now there seems to be new problems, but this time related to the camera!

تحديث iOS 11.4 - هل يسبب مشاكل في الكاميرا ؟!

The iOS update 11.4 – can cause problems in camera?!

What happens to develop the camera?

The camera part is important and vital and many use smart phones and any problems it may be very annoying. A number of users noted that there were many problems during the use of the camera app after updating to iOS 11.4 and those problems are the following:

  • Black screen when using the camera application does not disappear only after you restart the device.
  • The inability of the camera to focus work
  • The problem in development mode between horizontal and vertical.
  • Problem in camera flash.

Apple’s answer: we are working to solve the problem!

In a tweet on Twitter, a team of technical support in the Apple TV to thank to the users who reported the problem and pointed out that those errors are not normal and that Apple is currently working on a solution to the problem.

Also the technical support team provide several tips traditionally may contribute to solve the problem of the camera including the lens cleaning the machine, remove the protective cap if the back camera works, or restart the device.

Doesn’t seem that those solutions may be very useful, and it is unacceptable to turn the user to restart his machine every time he wants to use the camera!

The iOS update 11.4.1 looks soon !

Work Apple TV is currently updating the new sub is iOS 11.4.1 to solve the problems of battery drain and that other problems in camera application. Perhaps the iOS update 11 is the worst ever in the history of the versions of the system in terms of the problems and errors all the time, and frequently, and hope it will not happen again with iOS update 12, which is currently undergoing under the experimental use before putting it in the month of September or October next.

Did you encounter any problems in the camera after the update to iOS 11.4 to? Tell us via comments!

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