The iOS update 12.3.1 improves battery performance in phones iPhone older!

Update iOS 12.3.1 released just a few days ago to fix some problems in the iOS system 12, specifically fix the problem of making calls across networks fourth-generation VoLTE as well as some errors in the Messages application. It also seems that the battery has improved after the update is downloaded and installed on phones iPhone correct senior!

تحديث iOS 12.3.1 يحسن أداء البطارية في هواتف الآيفون الأقدم!

The iOS update 12.3.1 improves battery performance in phones iPhone older!

This has such a channel iAppleBytes on YouTube through the battery life test before and after the update through the application of the Geekbench knowledge. The tests showed the following results:

  • Constancy of the battery life before and after the update on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 8.
  • Increased battery life is superior (15 minutes on average) after update on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

أداء البطارية بعد تحديث iOS 12.3.1

Battery performance after update of iOS 12.3.1 (the actual numbers may vary)

Did not test the battery on newer versions of phones the iPhone, but is not expected to affect the update as it’s a small update to resolve issues not related directly to the performance of the battery.

May be the improvement in battery life rest older iPhone small, but it is welcome by users, as it represented the philosophy of the Apple TV in the updates that are arranged to increase the stability of the system and improving performance rather than adding new features.

Did you update to iOS 12.3.1 for? What news of the battery life after the update?

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