The iOS update 12 coming – do you use Apple TV Support phone iPhone 5s?!

Every year it launches Apple’s new update a massive system of iOS, and we’re now in 2018 in waiting for the iOS update 12, which will be unveiled officially during a conference Apple developers WWDC 2018 early next June, but a lot of users are concerned about support for this update for older versions, especially iPhone 5s.

تحديث iOS 12 القادم: هل تستمر آبل في دعم هاتف iPhone 5s ؟!

The iOS update 12 next: are you using Apple support iPhone 5s?!

Car updates have Apple TV

It is known that Apple supports its devices with updates to security and system updates for a period ranging between 3 to 4 years, i.e., that such devices remain three or four updates per year of the major, such as the iPhone 5, which got updates for iOS 8 and iOS 9 and iOS 10, and then Apple quit supporting it with iOS update 11 current and no longer receives any new updates.

Overtake Apple in this point specifically to all the manufacturers for Android phones that suffer from real problems in providing updates to their fast and for a long time, and most of the companies offer support and updates to the system for two years only and it is limited only to high-end versions and some versions of middle class.

iPhone 5s and updated to iOS 12 the next!

IPhone 5s was launched in 2013 operating system iOS 7 processor Apple A7 is the first processor core 64-bit in the chain of the iPhone and smartphones all of them, and I got an iPhone 5s on updates annually starting update iOS 8 through iOS 9 and iOS 10, and then end with iOS 11 offline.

It be iPhone 5s has got the updates for four years and is the maximum duration of support provided by Apple for iPhone history and updates over the past ten years.

As for the iOS update 12 next we speak it will not be available for the iPhone 5s most likely, for the simple reason and a logical and is that the phone date back to five years ago, however, there is a recent report of MacGeneration talked about tests own development iOS 12 and pointed out that Apple already experience of operations development for iOS 12 the iPhone 5s.

But don’t even raise expectations and believe the hopes may be false, these reports may be true, but this does not necessarily mean the success of the development process and the stability of the iOS system 12 on the iPhone 5s, it can work for the process of development and could fail and both possibilities do exist.

It seems that Apple is still premium until the last to provide the update to iOS 12 for the iPhone 5s and in case you succeeded, it would record the fact in the company’s history for the first time, because in the end, the continued support of the iPhone 5s updates who is making his present at the market and gave him the Kiss of life to-day, and what to stop supporting the system with updates only as shooting a bullet have mercy on you!!

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