The iOS update 12 has been available for users

تحديث iOS 12 أصبح متاحًا لعامة المستخدمين

After the announcement of the new operating system iOS 12 before three months and launched an iPhone new last week, Apple introduced a version of the system in its final form to users today after a period of made available to developers and some users for the pilot.

Has begun to update the system to appear to users, you can also download it by visiting the official page of the system on the company’s website, which reviewed the most important functions and advantages of the new system.

And Apple TV with the system of new technologies of virtual reality, next to the technical Memoij and many of the camera effects, as well as add shortcuts to the assistant Siri voice to them better making it easier to talk on the phone, as there will be advantages for the police to prevent interrupts during a conversation on the phone.

In the same context, the new update will bring with it the special feature of the image, so as to destroy existing photo albums and memos on the phone with the photos in the albums Cloud iCloud to facilitate access in one place and send them to friends. There will also be another feature to allow searching for images, so that you can add more than one word to search for images is as easy as the place and the people in it or her name, and by writing several words can access the page faster.

As we stated in our report when announcing the system, the company has added a feature to not disturb a new form to help stop the development of non-arrival within a specific time, so that you can determine the time of failure to access any notifications on the phone, as well as to determine the arrival time after that period; for example, if the user does not want the arrival of notifications in the period between 8 – 12 pm, it is possible to determine that period the lack of hassle and then determine the time of independence at 10 am the next day.

Recall, that the company feature added Do Not Track to the browser by Safari to protect users, it also made the application Apple books to read ebooks and listen to her.

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