The iOS update 12 – what’s new in the notices?

In the iOS update 12 feet of the Apple TV will many more tasks to view and manage notifications and alerts in a manner faster and better. The notices or the Nontifications one of the most important aspects of the system, so it is necessary to take a more detailed look on them with the iOS update 12.

تحديث iOS 12 - ما الجديد في الإشعارات ؟

The iOS update 12 – what’s new in the notices?

Notifications bundled and Grouped Notifications

Is a perfect way to view notifications received from different applications in the organization, where the system collects notifications from a particular application in one card in the notifications screen and when pressed displays all the notifications, and, after review, you may delete the notification by clicking the X button up to erase all notifications or clear them one by one through the clouds to the left.

الإشعارات المجمعة Grouped Notifications في iOS 12

Notifications bundled and Grouped Notifications in iOS 12

Through the settings you can control in the notification options combined, go to Settings > notifications Notifications and choose any application you will see the option Notification Grouping, and when you press it you will see three different options:

  • Auto Automatic and in which the system automatically determines which notifications are displayed grouped or in a single image.
  • Option By App to view all notifications are grouped.
  • Or the option to stop Off to turn off this feature altogether.

Managing notifications easier!

Through the lock screen you can in the notifications easily as you drag to the left you’ll find options to: management Manage, View View, clear all Clear All. When the pressure on the management Manage you will see a popup window where the options like Deliver Quietly to suppress the display of those notifications in the lock screen or turn off such notifications altogether.

إدارة الإشعارات بشكل أسهل في iOS 12

Managing notifications easier in iOS 12

Important notices

Critical alerts Critical Alerts and are the Notifications the system by giving it a high degree of importance and allowed to reach you even with the activation of the feature do not disturb Do Not Disturb, and this includes notifications to the health and security of the region and public safety. For example, alert the person of the diabetic when low blood sugar level, which is determined by a device measuring the sugar connected to the machine.

الإشعارات المهمة في iOS 12

Important notifications in iOS 12

Interactive notifications are rich in detail

In iOS 12 developers can design interactive notifications to receive input from the user without having to open the app, for example: can the user see the publication in the notice of the special application of Instagram and liked and comment on them without opening the app, and it is not possible in the current version of iOS.

إشعارات تفاعلية غنية بالتفاصيل في iOS 12

Interactive notifications are rich in detail in iOS 12

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