The iOS update 13.4 next – Apple adds feature to repair and recover system iOS device from within the device!

Launched Apple second beta version of iOS update 13.4 with has been found on the codes with new hidden to restore and repair the system known as OS Recovery found team site 9to5Mac.تحديث iOS 13.4 القادم - ابل تضيف ميزة إصلاح واستعادة نظام iOS من داخل الجهاز!

What is the advantage of System Restore OS recovery for?

This feature will stop the identity of the iPhone and iPad during the next updates to restore the system. This feature allows user to re-install the update or revert to an older version if the new update works is not independent or has a problem.

Currently if the user faces problem in your iPhone or iPod it needs to connect the device to the computer, and that may be a problem for some who don’t have computers near them or they don’t have a computer of the foundation.

This new feature will allow to re-download and install a certain version of the system pneumatically via the internet from the servers of Apple without having to connect the device to the computer.

The System Restore feature will also be available for other devices such as the Apple Watch headphones HomePod that do not have a cable connected to the computer, so they can be connected by name or iPad, and then complete the task.

The advantage of the block you will be of great importance for a lot of users who update their devices then they face the problem later after the update the livery of the battery performance or the instability of some apps, etc.

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