The iOS update 13 – applications and services will spend you a new update!

The iOS update 13 come of this is good for the user but for some developers this may be disastrous to them as a sign to the violation of their apps and their services to provide an instance of it within the iOS system and Apple as a whole. This year with the iOS update 13 there are apps and services sustained in the death of let’s use some of them.

تحديث iOS 13 - تطبيقات وخدمات سوف يقضي عليها التحديث الجديد!

The iOS update 13 – applications and services will spend you a new update!

Application to modify and edit photos and videos

In the updated iOS 13 Apple re-designed the audio engine and video in the system is added to a lot of new gadgets such as the intensity of the filter and Vibrance to modify the colors in the image without affecting the shape of the skin, the tool Definition for the degree of fineness of the image, and other tools making photo editing apps in the App Store does not offer something new.

تطبيقات تعديل وتحرير الصور والفيديو

Photo editor in iOS 13

For video there are also the same tools as the user can via the iOS update 13-cut the video of the hand-dimensional or the story of a time and adding filters and colors.

Registration in one step

Registration services one step such as registration, account, Facebook, or Google around for a while. far away. Apple gave us a similar feature to the account Apple TV Sign in With the Apple excels at the other services in that they stimulate the user data and do not share it with services and applications that record the user.

التسجيل بخطوة واحدة

Sign in With Apple

Consoles in stores in the App Store

Basic keyboard in iOS update 13 has become a support feature writing slide and Swipe Typing for typing to pass the finger between the letters of the word that you want to write, as the user can create a poster of their own via a feature Bitmoji Stickers and integrated within the keyboard in Pat sing the user to download additional keyboards from the App Store as Gboard or SwiftKey.

Apps to track menstrual cycle

Health application in iOS update 13 Pat feature supports the tracking of the menstrual cycle to enable the female to detect any malfunction which requires a medical consultation in addition to knowing the days of ovulation the occasion to conceive, a property more secure where they are keeping all this data secret and do not need to download similar apps from the App Store such as the application of Flo.

تتبع الدورة الشهرية في تطبيق الصحة على iOS 13

Tracking menstrual cycle in the Health app on iOS 13

Browsers external

The Safari browser in iOS update 13 got many more features like night mode, automatic closure set, save the type open to favorites, possibility to put specific settings for a specific site, a download manager for files, in addition to more security enhancements and compatibility with various sites in the Pat sing about download another browser from the Store App Store.

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