The iOS update 13 – features copied from Android!

The iOS update 13 with many new features and original right, but also some of them already and we’ve already seen on Android by issuing the original or modified version of them before you Apple TV copy or borrow inside the iOS update 13 . let’s take a look at them!

تحديث iOS 13 - مميزات منسوخة من نظام الأندرويد!

The iOS update 13 – features copied from Android!

Support external storage devices!

Years ago a lot of Android devices support connecting external storage devices via USB port to your company, and also iPad (iPad only, not iPhone) now have that feature with the system iPadOS 13, as the user can insert the external storage devices removable USB-C, whether it’s a flash drive or a portable hard disk or reader themselves SD. After that you can browse and transfer files to and from your iPad easily through the Files app Files.

تحديث iOS 13 - دعم أجهزة التخزين الخارجية!

The iOS update 13. support external storage devices!

More users benefit from these new feature are the owners of digital cameras which will allow them to connect the memory of the camera to iPad to transfer photos easily at full quality and then edit it with photo editing software as Lightroom.

Feature the Quick Path to writing through the swipe of a finger!

Writing sliding Swipe Typing is by typing through the keyboard via swipe your finger on the screen between the letters of the word that you want to write quickly and without the need to remove your finger from the screen and clicking on each character separately.

The method of writing known to many users of Android devices familiar because they exist in the system a long time ago. Honestly, this feature first appeared of the presence in the keyboard system Windows Phone 8.1 before strewn on a large scale.

تحديث iOS 13 - ميزة Quick Path الكتابة عبر تمرير إصبعك!

The iOS update 13. feature the Quick Path to writing through the swipe of a finger!

For iOS it the water was already available in the keyboards available for download via the Store App Store such as plate Gboard from Google except that they are now with the iOS system 13, iPadOS become present on the basic keyboard in the system.

Feature to see street Street View

The advantage of seeing the screen Street View found in Google Maps application Google Maps for more than a decade, which is a feature that allows the participation of the panoramic photo-realistic streets. Apple now has included in the application of its own Maps, Apple Maps under the Mesa Look Around.

تحديث iOS 13 - ميزة رؤية الشارع Street View

The iOS update 13 – feature to see street Street View

Although there is no comparison between Google Maps and the maps of Apple, as the first possesses all the benefits than any other service areas, particularly in the Arab world.

The registry by the machine account

Also years ago on Android there is a feature registration with a Google account, which enables the user to subscribe to services and applications directly and quickly via the Google account.

With the iOS system 13 introduced Apple TV feature to Sign In with Apple which is similar to the advantage Google but they surpass them in terms of keeping the privacy of the user and his ability to not share your personal information or email address of the person to provide an alternate address is created automatically when you register.

تحديث iOS 13 - ميزة Sign In with Apple

The iOS update 13 – advantage Sign In with Apple

Conclusion ..

It’s quite possible that is the transfer of ideas and between operating systems as I did the Apple TV in the iOS system 13 some examples which we have mentioned above, as well as do Google and the Treaty on Android, this time I won’t be the first nor will be the last.

Steve Jobs once said a quote from the Universal painter Pablo Picasso: “good artist forget the great, he steals”. Whatever the intent of Steve Jobs that’s the reality of it in the technical field.

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