The iOS update 13 – How to become a faster performance of iOS is 12?

The advantages of the new task announced by Apple in iOS update 13 but for many what really matters is a stable performance and rapid system and not new features that may not add much to the experience of usage, this is also emphasized by the “Craig’s very” deputy head of Apple sector of software engineering and services during the WWDC conference 2019, such as revealing iOS 13. So how will the performance better on iOS 13 than it is in iOS is 12?!

تحديث iOS 13 - كيف سيصبح أسرع من iOS 12 ؟The iOS update 13 – How to become faster than iOS is 12?

Face ID faster

Facial recognition technology into phones iPhone fast already, but Apple made it faster by 30% additional code improvements in the system iOS 13.

Face ID أسرع في iOS 13Face ID is faster in iOS 13

Apps smaller and run faster

With the iOS update 13, and developers update their apps for compatibility with it will reduce app size to about 50 percent, and will also minimize the size of updates also approximately 60% this means faster loading for apps online and lower consumption your phone data when you download it, this is also meant to speed up the run when opened by pressure.

تطبيقات أصغر وتشغيل أسرع في iOS 13Apps smaller and run faster in iOS 13

A lot of improvements hidden

In the WWDC conference 2019 Apple announced 18 new refinement in the iOS system 13 will lead to raising the level of performance compared to the updated iOS 13 all to do with the way the operation and management of applications and its mechanism of action as well as improvements in programming language, Swift code packages and software development tools for developers.

الكثير من التحسينات الخفية في iOS 13A lot of improvements hidden in iOS 13

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