The iOS update 13 – How to download files from the Internet browser Safari?

The Safari browser in iOS update 13 – iPadOS has evolved considerably, and important additions to the do not download file manager built-out. An important feature was absent from the browser although it is something basic and intuitive, using Download Manager files in Safari can’t download what you want from the internet directly to your device regardless of the size of the loaded files.

تحديث iOS 13 - كيفية تنزيل الملفات من الإنترنت عبر متصفح سفاري؟The iOS update 13 – How to download files from the Internet browser Safari?

Download file via Safari browser

Determine which file you only need to follow the traditional way by clicking the download link, after Will asks the browser if you want to download a file and when approved you’ll find the download icon to the phenomenon next to the address bar.

تحميل الملفات عبر متصفح سفاريDownload file via Safari browser

You can download more than one file at once and you can also cancel or pause the download then updated (if the link allows it). From the list of transactions you can open any file by clicking on it or drag to the left and pressing the Delete Delete If you want to get rid of it.

تحميل الملفات عبر متصفح سفاريDownload file via Safari browser

Change the route transfers

If you are intent on downloading files via the Safari browser, the first thing you should do is change the path or folder to which the files are downloaded to. By default, the files are being downloaded to the folder Downloads in iCloud Drive any the account an iCloud this is not suitable for many.

We’d like to save the conversions in the memory of the local storage in the device. So from the Safari browser, go to Settings > Downloads Downloads > then choose the place of drilling on the iPhone On my iPhone instead of iCloud Drive.

تحديث iOS 13 - تغيير مسار التحميلاتThe iOS update 13 – a change of space conversions

It is worth mentioning also that it can download files in the background, if you like, you download a large file you can lock your screen while Will Safari update download in the background of the device as long as there is an internet connection.

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