The iOS update 13 – stop all day and how to prepare your device for the update!

The iOS update 13, iPadOS will be launched today for all users around the world after months of trial period. In this article we will show you the launch date of the update according to local Arab states and tips for you to prepare your devices in a suitable manner before the update.

تحديث iOS 13 - توقيت الإطلاق اليوم وكيفية إعداد جهازك للتحديثThe iOS update 13 – stop all day and how to prepare your device for the update

The launch date of the iOS update 13

The iOS update 13 will be launched the beginning of the evening of Thursday 19 September at II p.m. in the Mecca.

موعد إطلاق تحديث iOS 12

How to prepare your device before update to iOS 13 :

  • Perform an update to existing applications on your device through the App Store or iTunes on your computer, and to ensure their compatibility with the new system and work on it without problems, with the note that there may be some applications that will suffer from the problems with the new system until the release of its update by its developer over the coming days.
  • Remember mail and password to the Apple ID of the device, because you will need to enter it after the update .
  • Be sure to charge the battery, preferably 100% or delivering the device to a charger during the update.
  • Make sure the quality of your internet connection ( preferably via WiFi ) .
  • Make sure there is storage space empty enough on your device ( preferably to be 3 GB or more at least ) .
  • Take a backup of the existing content on your device whether by alien or IP Cloud, and in the case was the size of the backup is too large it is preferable to use alien, this precautionary step is important even though the vast majority ignore it, and let you recover your data in case of any problems in the new update. We will explain it in detailed later.

Supported devices update the iOS 13

هواتف الآيفون التي سيصلها iOS 13

أجهزة الآيباد المتوافقة مع iPadOS

Wait for us today in the article detailed about how to update to iOS 13. The article will be published help at all.

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