The iOS update 13 – thoughts and took the Apple from the iOS!

In the iOS update 13 introduced Apple TV, Inter new additions, some original but many of the additions and ideas in the iOS update 13 wasn’t Apple’s race to The Lost and found before on iOS at the hands of the developer community for iOS. A presentation and clarification of how the inspired by the community of iOS Apple TV in the iOS update 13 is indisputable!

تحديث iOS 13 - أفكار ومميزات أخذتها آبل من الجيلبريك!

The iOS update 13 – thoughts and took the Apple from the iOS!

Night mode

Feature Night Mode are the highlights provided by Apple in the iOS update 13, which received the luck of attention, a feature all inclusive no doubt, but for iOS it already has tools such as Eclipse and Noctis which was the turning iOS system to Night Mode, and those plugins have been around for years.

الوضع الليلي

Night mode

Download high-volume applications over the phone data

Previously it was Apple to put a cap download the app from the Store App Store via your phone’s data is estimated to be 150 MB and then removed the Apple TV this obstacle in front of the user in the iOS update 13 except that the tools for iOS such as Appstore Unrestrict provided that water years ago.

تحميل التطبيقات كبيرة الحجم عبر بيانات الهاتف

Download high-volume applications over the phone data

Saving feature phone data

In relation to phone data also introduced Apple TV in the iOS update 13 the advantage of Low Data Mode across which you report the consumption data to the phone from the system and installed applications you do not even corrode your plan monthly. In iOS, there are already add allow the Membrane to do the same thing. (More about the feature to provide the phone data Low Data Mode)

خيار Low Data Mode لتقليل استهلاك بيانات الهاتف

Saving feature phone data

The Download Manager in Safari

The Safari browser added Not Apple manager to download files from the internet to the device directly with the possibility of access via the Files app Files. Add intuitive and was absent perhaps forgotten by Apple and returned to remember with the iOS update 13.

And because those feature are important and essential community provided iOS tool Safari Download Manager famous before you Apple for inclusion in the system.

The lines on your taste!

In the iOS update 13 you can customize the font type in specific apps and download more lines from the internet which suits your taste. In fact it’s provided a community for iOS feature of block you first via the Add-ons such as A-Font وBytaFont.

Add the widget to the Home screen on iPad

In the update iPadOS new ad hoc for the iPad, and the iOS update 13, made the Apple TV feature to Add Widget to the Home screen next to applications. Additions to iOS such as Dashboard X to provide that water for years.

إضافة الويدجت للشاشة الرئيسية على الآيباد

Add the widget to the Home screen on iPad

The support arms of the control PlayStation was Xbox

The iOS update 13 became compatible with joysticks, your wireless device to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , which means the possibility of using it to play across devices iPhone and iPad. Community iOS already Apple TV it via many plugins including add nControl.

دعم أذرع تحكم البلايستيشن والإكس بوكس للآيفون والآيباد

The support arms of the control PlayStation was Xbox for iPhone and iPad

Other ideas ..

There are many other tools that offer similar benefits not included by Apple in iOS update 13 change the form index images and advocates the keyboard and edit text, manage files, etc.

You ended the era of the week is?!

For iOS waned in popularity in recent years, the reason is intuitive and you can pick which is driving Apple to include most of the ideas and improvements for iOS updates to the iOS system which eliminates the user to install iOS on his device and subsequent risks and consequences.

هل انتهى عصر الجيلبريك؟!

You ended the era of the week is?!

Of reasons also which led to the fading of the iOS to avoid Apple’s famous developer iOS work in the development of operating systems and security. For more you can refer to this topic: you really ending the era of iOS is?

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