The iOS update 14 – How will the interests of Google and Facebook?

The iOS update 14 is a step forward in relation to the conservation of the privacy of users and protection of their data, including property alert the user when any application keeps track of or collect his data with the option to allow or deny according to the wishes of the user.

تحديث iOS 14 - كيف سيضر بمصالح جوجل وفيسبوك؟تحديث iOS 14 - كيف سيضر بمصالح جوجل وفيسبوك؟تحديث iOS 14 - كيف سيضر بمصالح جوجل وفيسبوك؟تحديث iOS 14 - كيف سيضر بمصالح جوجل وفيسبوك؟

This option is considered to be a severe blow to companies working in the field of online advertising like Google and Facebook, where its primary business to track users and collect data about them, whether through their own or through the application cooperating with them. ( More: the most important choice you should do it in the iOS update 14 )

It was all the expectation of the product to about the new update coming from Apple however, we began to see official statements about this.

Facebook: the iOS update 14 will affect you in prison!

Mr. David Wii here the head of the financial sector in Facebook told network CNBC American saying that the iOS update 14 will have a negative impact on the advertising they have, because most of the revenue Facebook list the ads and any attempt to disrupt it will harm Facebook in his words.

He added that they are currently studying the potential effects to improve the iOS 14 them, stressing that the advertising companies and app developers, games, and advertising to achieve growth and profits.

I don’t know exactly how it will affect the iOS update 14 on the advertising companies and the depth of this effect.

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