The iPhone is a fantastic application to watch channels and data on the systems of iOS !

For owners of the iPhone, there is a chance to get the application is very sleek especially since it exists on iOS that beats has an attractive design, but it’s not limited to download the application then install it but the process is dependent on a few steps.


If the application does not exist on the AppStore, but we’ll get used to store external invites TweakBox and through the attached link, where it will enable us to download the app to be used in watching TV, sports, and other.

Download Tweakbox

Steps as follows, you first come in to the attached link, after that show you the interface the TweakBox then you press the Download APP and then give his powers by clicking on the Autoriser, and finally click on the Install above, after that you Write your password on your phone and then Install again.

After doing these steps may be carried a beautiful store, TweakBox, and what we have now only to open it and search for the application named Channels through the expansion to the list of APPS and then clicking on the Tweakbox Apps, and then you can search via the search bar above.

When you find you are clicking on it and then Install, but there is a problem will appear with a message as in the picture below.

Don’t worry about it, all you have to do is do the delirious, the last step in the phone settings.
Réglages > Général > Profils

Then you press the option NIPPON PAINT CHINA, and in the latter you push a Faire trust-one à as shown in the pictures.

In the last back to enjoy the app via watch sports channels and more.

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