the iPhone succeeds in saving the life of another user through the intercept the arrow directed towards him


In the past, the chances of our amazing stories about how they managed their smartphones to save lives by stopping things like bullets and shrapnel. Now there is a new story to put them to more, because according to a new report released from Australia, it seems that it was saving the life of a man from New South Wales by iPhone own when he intercepted an arrow was shot towards him.

According to the report issued from the Site, the man punched by another man in the morning. Out victim your iPhone its own to record on the Syria with a bow and arrow. As you can see in the image below, try the arrow hack the iPhone, but stopped in the end.


Did not hurt the victim seriously injured, has suffered from a little tear and didn’t need medical treatment. It has also been speculate that discrimination did not occur because the Arrow itself, but rather due to the force of the arrow that caused the injury to the victim in the chin on the phone.

Shortly thereafter, arrested the attacker at the scene by police officers who arrived promptly to the scene. I’ve been there several charges the attacker, including the registration and intention to commit a crime, assault which resulted in physical harm to physically.


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