The iPhone XS Max is made with pure gold to 《Messi》

We all know that sports stars love to add special touches to their clothes or accessories to them, like adding the jewelry to the shoes, you can it comes also smartphones or luxury tires, luxury for their favorite smartphone.

Another product new to this list, is the player’s club FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, where he obtained the iPhone XS Max is made from pure gold 24 carat, which looks great already, where has been put a number to his shirt in the club and was elected to the “10” and his name and the names of his wife and children on his back, with the logo of Barcelona and Argentina over the name of it to customize it.

We have been manufacturing this phone by a company called iDesign Gold, at an estimated cost amounted to 21,000$ (79,000 Sr), however, the Messi is not the only person who has been the renewal of his phone by the police, where he was a midfielder in FC Barcelona Ivan Rakitic the Croatian also Phone Gold similar not, and it seems that the club’s players catalog obsessed with this design, it has to see other players get their own version.

Source: sportswallah

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