The IQ line of your Facebook waiting on the humans in the arcade games

IQ line requires day after day and today I Artificial Intelligence your Facebook to defeat five professional players in one of the arcade games.

Named Facebook’s new artificial intelligence system yesterday Pluribus has been able to break the world record in terms of the defeat of professional players. As we all know, this is not the first time that he can artificial intelligence beat human in one of the games, but the first time where artificial intelligence like that in a game with more than two players.

System Pluribus has been his experience in two ways, the first way is to play alone against five other players, the second method is to solve is to replace five players and one man survived Pluribus to achieve amazing results and in both cases, although some players were global players in this game.

Pluribus Poker AI: a Sample poker hands vs. professionals

Pluribus is the first AI capable of beating human experts in a six-player no-limit Hold’em, the most widely played poker format in the world. This is the first time AI has beaten the top human players in a complex game with more than two players or two teams.This video shows sample hands from Pluribus’s experiment against professional poker players. (The Cards are turned face up to make it easier to see Pluribus’s strategy.)

Gepostet von Facebook AI am Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019

Source: Facebook AI Blog

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