“The IRAQI IT WOMEN” directly to the Arab special education women Iraq information technology

Sometimes create difficult conditions people make Hope, and to grant, the success story of today’s experience in the field of Information Technology

The flame of hope and energy

Fatma Hassan born in 1996 – Iraq software engineer, when Fatima was ill and twice her family’s material conditions of force majeure where the people of Fatima to the pressure on her to leave her undergraduate studies and already bought conditions on her family’s part to leave her undergraduate studies during the weeks you can’t use this circumstance where searched in LinkedIn for a job pertaining to the field of it (information technology programming) Indeed I found a job for one of the companies, but without the province said the agreement with them to operate it in the region one director on it and began to work and to study her, but she did not stand here, said with the help of her family, which consists of 10 people and continued her study and after one year decided to open its own project to help the girls as soon as Information Technology where the work of the project name:


Meaning women and Information Technology in Iraq began in several provinces to train women on the information technology and prepare them to enter the labour market and help emerging companies so that you train the girls and then make them work websites to help startups and also has trained a number of young people on entrepreneurship to their importance and time current; and after a lapse of 5 months from project kick-off its got a certificate of appreciation from the IEEE organization as well as global support for its project also done many workshops and lectures in the field of Information Technology and entrepreneurship, and got many certificates and is willing to develop herself and help women in this area.

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