The Israeli startup has introduced a miniature solar battery for smart electronics

The use of environmentally friendly solar energy is gaining momentum. To provide urban neighborhoods with solar panels equip the entire field, many companies say the transition to a new form of energy. Yes, there are even a few cars that use the energy of sunlight. However, all these technologies are still not was that each of us uses every day — wearable and smart electronics. But that could change thanks to the Israeli company 3GSolar.

According to Bloomberg, the company recently introduced a miniature solar battery that can be used even indoors. According to the Director General Barry Breen 3GSolar,

“Our solar panels are not typical for this kind of devices. It does not have silicon cells and generate electricity using a special paint, which we manufacture in our laboratory. The battery is designed specially for indoor and can get energy even from the dim light source.”

First and foremost, the company is focused on home devices like light sensors, thermostats, motion sensors, and other smart gadgets. However, do not exclude the use in wearable electronics. In fact, it is rather strange that such an approach had not been applied before, but according to the developers, before technology would have made this technique an unforgivable way.

“Adding one cell to the device, expected to raise the total cost of the product an average of only $ 1. In addition, many of the domestic smart home devices operate on batteries, which need replacement every year or so. Cell 3GSolar will have a lifespan of about 10-15 years.”

Light sensor, temperature and humidity, fed by one solar panel 3GSolar

To date the company has collected 9 million dollars of initial capital and plans to release by 2020, 36 million miniature solar panels. However, in order to be on time, 3GSolar will take another 7.5 million.

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