The issue of Ethereum fell by 25 percent. What will happen with mining?

Daily reward miners Ethereum has declined by about 25 percent in anticipation of the activation of hard forks Constantinople at the end of February. Now the miners are starting to feel the first signs of bomb difficulty, which increases the generation time block of the cryptocurrency for a few seconds.

We will remind, change of the Protocol Ethereum (Constantinople) will enter into force on the block 7 280 000 only if the developers of Ethereum Foundation will not find in the code of a cryptocurrency there are no bugs. In the end, the reward per block will decrease to 2 ETH, which will further reduce the daily emission of coins.

Hard times for miners

At the moment, the issue of Ethereum reduced to 15 000 coins a day. Looking at the chart with Etherscan, the first signs of bombs difficulties evident in mid-December, 2018. Within 1.5 months the issue of cryptocurrencies gradually decreased at 2000 ETH every week. The release of new coins has decreased due to the increased time of generation of new blocks.

In other words, every day the miners are spending more and more time on mining blocks, which reduces their total number in 24 hours. Accordingly, the profit for the day at ETH is also reduced.

Source: Etherscan

While this process takes place without the direct intervention of the developers of the Ethereum Foundation. The next major intervention in the blockchain to be held February 27 — that’s when the plan is activated Constantinople.

Now is the time create one block closer to 18 seconds, and a couple of weeks ago it was 15 seconds. However, it is not so much in 2017 generation unit took a solid 30 seconds during the first transfer bomb of difficulty.

The reaction of the market is still negative, although the fall in the price of Ethereum cannot be entirely attributed to a decrease in emissions. In theory, this process should, rather, increase the value of each coin in the near future. To monitor the situation in real time, be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat.


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