The iTunes store the App Store is suffering from the problem of fraud in subscriptions

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Get Apple on the proportion of revenue collected by the applications that are sold through the iTunes store the App Store, this is known to all. However, the problem lies in the one-time purchase in that profit model is not sustainable, and this means that there is no guarantee that the app, which sold 100 thousand copies in this month may be able to keep the same sales volume for two years to 3 years. This is the reason why Apple trying to convince developers to rely on a system of subscriptions in their apps.

Unfortunately for Apple, it may be a system of contributions may cause some problems, because according to a new report released recently from the site TechCrunch, he highlights how there are some applications that benefit from this delude users to pay subscriptions.

The report claims that there are a number of apps in the iTunes store the App Store that offer a free trial period, but is designed for those applications in a way that serves users in some cases payment for subscription, as the report refers also to the existence of many applications in the app list of the most entered the ” Top Grossing ” which excite the astonishment of everyone, such as the application that allows scanning documents, weather apps, and apps designed to read QR codes Code, etc. Although it can be found in the reviews for this app on many of the disgruntled customers who have been swindled to pay for the subscription.

Now to be fair, some of these applications offer good features, but honestly how many of us actually used these apps extensively for? And to make matters worse, the company made the apple of the hard for users to unsubscribe in applications and services via burying settings deep in the menu. It is unclear whether Apple plans to do anything about these problems, but given that subscriptions are not only a model of profit is sustainable for the developers, the same also applies to Apple, which get a percentage of the proceeds.


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