The jacket of graphene will save from the heat and from the cold

The development of modern technology affects not only the electronic devices and other “high-tech”, but quite ordinary things. For example, clothing. Most recently, the firm Fast Company has released the world’s first jacket with the use of graphene, which previously for these purposes is not used. And innovative material in this case is used not only in order to stand out from the competition, but also for warming, cooling the user and some other useful properties, depending on the situation.

Graphene is the “future jacket” is “on both sides”. On the external side placed graphene membranes, and the lining is created based on graphene tubes. This design allows the heat in hot weather, warm in cold and also to destroy harmful bacteria. While the clothing itself was very thin and light, and extremely durable and able to withstand huge load. The very jacket is gray, and the inside covered with a layer of black nylon. The jacket has received the name Vollebak and, as founders brothers Steve and Nick of Tidball,

“Thanks to graphene, the jacket is able to equalize the temperature inside and outside, adjusting the heat and talopram. Moreover, it can store an unlimited amount of heat and work as a heater. To develop Vollebak took several years of scientific research.”

When the ambient temperature is high, the jacket absorbs heat from body and dissipates it, and in the cold season, on the contrary, collects it, heating the cold areas. The thing itself is created without seams: all detail laser-cut and soldered to each other with high temperatures. Price jackets at the moment is 695 USD. But, as stated by the representatives of Fast Company, the jacket is “invested in her every dime.”

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