The journey of the evolution of Google’s search engine in the Arab world

This topic is the journey of the evolution of Google’s search engine in the Arab world appeared on Engadget.

Celebrating 20 years on the launch of the search engine Google, the company received a look at the face in the Middle East and North Africa since 2007. Google launched the first local scale in the Arab world 2007 in each of:

  • The kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • United Arab Emirates

In the last 11 years, the evolution of the Google search service in the Arab world. In 2007, the service was experiments on questions users of the general terms on content pages of forums and personal blogs. Today, we can search anything from places on the map to business functions.

When you go to Google’s search engine for the first time in the Middle East, the area was promising in three key points, namely:

  • Link millions of users in one language.
  • Tend the peoples of the region as a young man in its entirety.
  • Having a product of civilization, a rich cultural.

But those teams were also facing two basic challenges:

  • The scarcity of Arabic content on the internet.
  • The problems of internet connection at home.

Since 2007, Google has launched a series of initiatives and projects to enrich the Arabic content on the internet, as well as to contribute to the education of internet users new in the Arab world the basics of the internet:


Also saw the search engine Google in Arabic, where he plays artificial intelligence and machine learning a significant role in the experience of the sea which is observed in:

Identify the local search: for example the possibility of interaction between the team Al Ahli of Saudi Arabia and soccer, and service users in terms of providing additional information regarding the traditional answer to the questions raised, taking into account many factors in addition to geographical location to inquire before I have display the search results.


Voice search, which understands the 15 Arab accent.


Sequel automatic


And that’s where Google has many projects designed to confront the central challenges to the former mentioned, and has re-designed its strategy to the search engine which helps to take decisions in respect of the initiatives and of the new characteristics that are going to work on the design and launched in the region, where this strategy on three main axes:

  1. The needs of the user – what is the essence of the daily life of the user?
  2. Data availability – are you available those data on the internet one way or another?
  3. Presentation of data – arrange the data through a property designed by Google, which will connect the information to the user in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Also followed Google the same strategy has launched four other advantages to private search on the internet engine Google in the year 2018:

  • Google Posts – the latest celebrity and institutions in the Arab world.
  • Ramadan Search Experience – Experience search Google for the month of Ramadan.
  • Football Experience – Google tools search for the latest news of football.
  • Google Flights – Google tools search for the latest updates and news flight.

This topic is the journey of the evolution of Google’s search engine in the Arab world appeared on Engadget.

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