The key can hackers from stealing your belongings in any hotel

If you leave your belongings valuables money or important papers or smartphones and laptops in a hotel room, sure. you’ll know after a bit how wrong I was. Although most would think that working in the only hotel they can use the key to enter the room except that this is not true, the facts they can make one programmer to enter any room in a lot of hotels.

Exploits and hackers a loophole in the type of very popular types of electronic locks for master key replacement can open a lot of rooms around the world that use this lock such rooms a lot of hotels which leaves many people vulnerable to this threat.

And discover vulnerabilities in the system VingCard your place electronic company Assa Abloy is the largest manufacturer of electronic locks in the world and are locked in 42-a place in 166 countries around the world, which means millions of doors.

After a lot of research through thousands of hours of work to enable both researchers and Tomi Tuominen وTimo Hirvonen of Industry, a master key can open any lock that uses technology to Vingcard without leaving any trace in the system for that to happen.

How to make a master key

And need it’s just the concept of work product or old for the same door in the same place to be compromised, then a person needs to steal the “open letter” and intended The code to any room by just borrowing from any person who holds the key or simply book a room or any other way.

مفتاح يمكن الهاكرز من سرقة متعلقاتك في أي فندق

After that it takes a programmer writes “electronic key” to open the border to replace it., thereby making the master key to open any room. Despite that the company F-Secure, which works by researchers connected to the program the program can re-write the key easily, but she wouldn’t believe him of course, so no it is used is hurtful.

After the completion of the design of this key in one minute is possible to open any compartment in the place through the experience of all the keys to Key Key. Anyway, you should if you think going to the hotels to take care of you well.

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