The largest aircraft in the world to experience the first process of analysis of the road not at all


Company Stratolaunch specialized in the field of missiles and aviation, on the development of the largest aircraft in the world since the period. Having said that, it took off this plane for the first time on Saturday morning last. The total length of the wing of this giant aircraft about 385 feet, and a weight of 500 thousand pounds making it the largest even of large passenger aircraft such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. This massive plane first flight not from the port Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave. California.

These are not designed the aircraft to transfer passengers from one point to another. I designed this plane at the origin to launch the rocket in the air. Kept the first flight of this aircraft for over two hours and landed safely, at least according to Stratolaunch.

The design of this massive plane with the cabin to comment on the height of up to 35 thousand feet where it can fire missiles which you feel after that drive their own and push itself into orbit. There were no missiles on board this flight initial pilot, but there is at least one company, a company Northrop Grumman, has signed a deal with a company Stratolaunch to launch a rocket Pegasus XL space using this product.

According to the pilot pilot Ivan Thomas, has stated by saying : ” it was a trip to the same series, and this is exactly what it ought to be the first flight “. He added : ” I shaved completely as if we were in the simulator, as we stopped “. The company said further that the aircraft systems work like a clock and they landed ” in the market ” after several excesses of the few.

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