The largest financial media grudgingly acknowledge the rise of Bitcoin. But are negative

During the boom times ICO main media does not have time to write about another million dollars, which has attracted a particular project. As soon as the stock market began to decline, the media undertook to demonize an entire industry. It seems such a protracted kryptonim gave the news sources a chance to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the crypto community. However, the new vector of the narrative is more like a mixture of malice, excessive caution and outright ignorance. And who’s to blame?

Media cautious with Bitcoin

Forbes as the most loyal to the cryptocurrency news Agency, tried to release as impartial and reasoned articles throughout the downward trend of Bitcoin. But it is worth noting, the source still remained silent about all the past successes of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Misconceptions or deliberate negativity?

Other media observed, a slightly different picture. Even CNBC and the Financial Times decided not to hide information about the trend reversal. In the official Twitter from Fast Money CNBC even posted a picture of a rocket BTC rushed to the mark of 10 thousand dollars. Not missed the opportunity to note that before the old highs are still very far away.

Top of the information flow at the right was headed by Bloomberg with the headline “Bitcoin jump to the level of 9000 dollars”. Only positive news, we can say, has ended. The author could not ignore the warning of JPMorgan that Bitcoin is overvalued. Also do not forget about the assumptions of the analyst Bloomberg Intelligence Mike McGlone of “too hot rally”.

However, the most negative item among the financial media was published in the Motley Fool. In it, readers are once again reminded about the potential danger in the form of”dead cat bounce”, which can result in the rapid growth of Bitcoin.

While the author himself acknowledged his own bias. In his opinion, the stock market is a much better tool for potential wealth accumulation than scriptural. He, of course, greatly mistaken.

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What do you think, why is the media so negative about cryptosphere? What should happen or what you can do to fix this situation? To communicate on the subject will succeed in our cryptodata of hontarov. Looking forward to your visit.

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