The largest service broadcast content in India stopped supporting Safari due to a security hole in the browser

أكبر خدمات بث المحتوى في الهند توقف دعم سفاري بسبب ثغرة أمنية في المتصفح

The Hotstar which is the largest service broadcast content in India stop support browser Safari Apple both on the smart devices or the desktop, this comes after the discovery of a security flaw in the browser allows hackers to get video content on the product and benefit financially for it.

And the gap to allow access to the content of the service in general when you use the Safari browser to watch, and therefore cause this gap to the arrival of millions of Indians games sports months in the country, cricket, without succumbing to the terms of Service.


Owns Hotstar about 300 million users in India and is considered the main competitor to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it is unique when talking about domestic production or display of the live events. Recall that the service is owned by Disney after the acquisition of the studios of Fox.

After stopping support for a browser to Apple, the service advised the participants on the page by using other browsers to enjoy watching.

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