The largest update to the Firefox browser for Android – know it and its features

The market for Internet browsers is not very crowded, we have the Chrome browser from Google, which controls the largest proportion of users on all platforms, with the emergence of browsers such as Brave, Opera and Vivaldi, this while the new Edge browser from Microsoft continues to grow – which is based on Chrome – but Besides all this we have the Firefox browser, which is really an excellent browser and deserves more than its real position, and today the largest update of the Firefox browser for Android has begun to reach everyone, and we will talk to you about it now.

Firefox browser for Android

The largest update for the Firefox browser for Android

Firefox browser for Android was not the best choice in terms of features, browsing speed, not even the look, but with the new update the accounts have changed, Firefox browser on Android in its new update brings a completely redesign, with a very beautiful interface along with support for dark mode and normal mode .

This comes in addition to supporting the Collections feature, and this feature allows you to divide and save links and web pages in easy-to-access folders, and this feature will undoubtedly serve you greatly in the fields of work and study, and even shopping as well.

Firefox browser for Android

The application now fully supports changing the location of the navigation bar from the bottom up, and there is no doubt that the bottom mode is easier to use with one hand. In addition to the above, the Firefox browser for Android has begun to add many professional features for privacy and security, which allow you to prevent you from being tracked completely or almost completely.

Firefox browser for Android

It is reported that Firefox on Windows also offers a huge amount of options, and it is definitely worth your try. Back to talking about the new Android version, it also allows you to add-ons, but because this version is completely new, it does not support add-ons for the old Android version, but there are still many options of add-ons, the most important of which are ad blockers and add-ons related to security and privacy.

You can download the new version of the Firefox browser for Android and start using it directly from the Play Store, and if you are a Firefox user, you can use the same link to update the version you have.

Price: absolutely free

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