The last update for Galaxy A50 causes the problem of registration of the fingerprint

Galaxy A50

I’ve always had Galaxy A50 as a success story in the past year, it has reaped significant sales in markets around the world. However, he faces a problem because the last update that got it hampered the process of recording fingerprints. Users Galaxy A50 who work structures A505FNXXS3ASK9 and A505FDDS3ASK8 that they could no longer register the fingerprints of new.

It was supposed to work these updates to improve the process of fingerprint identification and users re-register their fingerprints to take advantage of the recognizable features improved.

For some, the process of shopping for work at about 41 percent and their checking system of the area sensor. Others are not able to complete the whole process but the phone rejects the fingerprint of the newly registered.

It seems that the fingerprints previously recorded work better allowing users to continue to use it until you resolve the problem. Is expected to release the Samsung update in the near future which should solve this problem once and for all.


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