The last update for speaker smartphone Apple HomePod change the sound quality in the device

Apple HomePod 2

Smart speaker Apple HomePod is not cheap at all, and one of the ways taken by Apple to keep this device different from the speakers of the smart competition is by making it offers an acoustic experience. It has been proven that this is true to some extent on the basis of tests and reviews, but unfortunately not anymore due to the last update.

As you probably know, the Apple yesterday released an update for the new device Apple HomePod, which is a good thing mostly, but unfortunately this update has ruined the sound quality in the device. This according to have been posted by users on the social network Reddit, and various other social networks, which tells users that the latest update causes the deterioration of sound quality by reducing the impact of the door, which makes the experience sound dull.

However, at the same time, there are some users who appreciate the low impact section. This will not be a problem if you allow Apple users to modify the sound settings EQ your speakers manually, but given that this is not the case currently, it means that users are stuck with what you think of Apple as the best.

However, the experience of sound vary from one level to another and also according to the music you listen to. Whether this represents a ” problem ” for you or not, it is clear that Apple changed something sparked this debate.



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