The last update for the Galaxy S10 will bring some problems

He said some users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that many problems emerged with their phones after installing the latest update XXU1ASE5, which offers substantial improvements and features of the camera in addition to the security patch for the month of May.

The most common problem at the moment is the problem of the freezing of third-party applications, where it appears that apps such as Twitter, and as Nova is the most affected, but it is not limited only to these applications that did not receive any update from the App Store recently, so the update of the phone is undoubtedly the reason.

Other problems that emerged is the freezing of the phone as a whole from time to time according to many users, while the buttons restart and closure that do not respond, although the phone is rebooting alone in the end.

Until this moment there is no solution to the problem of renewal, and helps factory settings in Resolve, and I’m not sure if Samsung has pulled this update, but we recommend all users not to update, so the company says in a new update.

Sources: Reddit – XDA

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