The last update for the phone Nokia 9 PureView makes the sensor fingerprint is less secure

Nokia 9 PureView

Since the beginning, no sensor fingerprint built-in screen of phone Nokia 9 PureView reliable as it should be, so the company HMD Global Oy a few days ago released an update to fix this problem. Some users have already installed this update, but it turns out that it causes a security problem sensor Fingerprint this.

It seems that the update improves the speed sensor of the fingerprint, but found many of the users in a after that they can unlock phones Nokia 9 PureView their own using the fingers of the non-registered or even using random items such as chewing gum.

Often a bug in the algorithm that have been modified recently so that now you make the examination less accurate when fulfilling certain conditions. Thus, it appears that there is a need to issue another update to fix the problem of reading wrong. Generally, in anticipation of the issuance of the new update in the near future or do not install the current update if you haven’t already.


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