The last update of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro makes the camera take pictures much better

OnePlus 7 Pro

In the past month, the company announced the OnePlus for a phone of its flagship later, OnePlus 7 Pro. Although it came with the three cameras in the back, the phone OnePlus 7 Pro instead severe because of the performance of the camera. After taking into account the comments of the community, the team OnePlus recently released an update for the new camera provides a shooting experience that much better. As you can see in the pictures below, it has become a phone for OnePlus 7 Pro now captures much better thanks to the following improvements :


  • To improve the overall contrast and color performance
  • Improve the white balance in the camera background of the tripartite
  • Improve the accuracy and stability auto-focus
  • Fixed the problem of the color green in some scenes and low lighting
  • Fixed the problem of static noise in some scenes HDR
  • To improve the contrast and color saturation in camera wide angle
  • To improve clarity, reduce noise in scenes of low illumination camera wide angle
  • To improve the clarity and noise reduction in the camera closeup
  • To improve the clarity of the colors in mode Nightscape
  • Improve the brightness and clarity in viewing low-placed lighting Nightscape

With this update, the team OnePlus is confident that the images captured using the phone OnePlus 7 Pro will be similar to the image captured using smart phones advanced in the aspect of photography, such as the Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 3.

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