The latest ad for the iPad Pro displays 5 the advantages qualify it to be a “computer killer”

Apple released yesterday an announcement somewhat controversial, which is titled “5 reasons to have your iPad Pro your computer the following”. iPad Pro is a powerful device, but you could really replace the personal computer traditional?

Many users try to do the real work on the iPad Pro, and for many, this is really possible. Includes some of the leading causes of the declaration of Apple’s longer battery life and the ability to stay connected anywhere you go using the version cellular.

Of course, I didn’t leave Apple some of the functions of the main case which is still many users they do on a daily basis, such as connecting an external drive or storage unit of the flash, manage and rename and edit files, and much more.

Need advertising written texts, including “Like case, but not like any computer”. I’ve always told the police its users that the iPad Pro is “computer” already. While this may be true, but Apple still has a long way, especially with the way that the system iOS with the iPad.

For example, the device can iPad Pro run apps optimized touch screen with a optional keyboard for writing long. And if you like drawing or video editing? The registry is Apple TV is perfect for such tasks. If you just want to browse Facebook Watch videos YouTube? He can do that, too.

In the event Apple TV previous from last month, Apple introduced version of the real application of Photoshop on the iPad Pro. We hope that there will be more in the future, after joining Adobe to this experience.

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