The latest ad for the iPhone XR should be the extent of the bad addiction of smart phones

Has Apple confirmed repeatedly since more than a year on they want to help the customers on the treatment of addiction to smart phones. In this context, published Apple’s recent announcement of a new promotional for iPhone XR to alert users about the seriousness of addiction to smart phones, which is followed by a lot of today’s youth as a way of life.

The video displays 30 seconds and came entitled “Up Late” people are using their phones late today and slept while using the phone.

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It is worth mentioning that the phone iPhone the XR has a longer battery life in the iPhone, but this is not the right way to convey the message. Maybe this is the reason behind the declaration.

Watch your ad message, to the effect that, whether you are sharing videos or watching games or play the game, you lose you’re energy before you lose it iPhone XR.

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