The latest books of the foundations and theories of e-commerce

The latest books of the foundations and theories of e-commerce

Cut e-commerce go a long way in the field of International Economics and regional levels, even becoming one of the most important engines of the economy and politics, we will in this article follow the footsteps of e-commerce, and how it turned from a small generator to the big giant, with a focus on the most important foreign books issued during the past three years, which discuss different issues of e-commerce issues .

Back the official start of the evolution of e-commerce to the Eighties of the last century, which has sought some companies to take advantage of the virtual environment new to the internet, and tried to exploit it in their business, but none of these attempts have achieved little success, and seemed like it was just a scribble in the electronic memory. However, the start of the right way back to 1994, and we were married with the birth of the e-commerce giant “Amazon”, and the success of Amazon is a successful e-commerce which made their way into the audience, and the success of Amazon is proof that adventure can achieve the impossible. Started Amazon Business service request and the delivery of e-books only, it was the idea of providing the book and his request electronically weird, especially with the possibility to buy it from the library. Continued to Amazon’s success I figured out a Kindle & e-book 2007. On the other side did not threaten the failure to dot com the future of e-commerce, although the beginning of its power in 1988, it collapsed rapidly during the three years, as a result of the negligence of the company the profit factor, but this did not weaken the importance of e-commerce, especially with the advantage of the companies that replaced them from their mistakes.

Entering the new millennium, electronic commerce has started to rebound sharply, reaching the size of e-commerce in 2003 to 3.8 trillion USD, and then doubled the figure almost at the end of 2004, reaching 6.8 trillion. Acquires United States ranked first in the volume of e-commerce by 80% followed by Western Europe increased by 15% . Expected to increase e-commerce by the year 2020.

We review now the most important books released during the last three years, which addressed the latest foundations and theories of e-commerce:

  • Joris Bryon, Kill Your Killers with The Dexter MethodTM: A Pragmatic Approach to Conversion Optimization for E-Commerce, 2018

Kill Your Conversion Killers with The Dexter Method

Offers Juris Prius his long experience in the world of ecommerce through his book, “Kill Kill the process of your transformation” with the aim of improving their conditions and increasing their chances of success by playing to increase revenue, the level of adaptation of the psychological factors that motivate customers to buy, use and design of intelligent promoting opportunities for Blockbuster customers on your e-store, as it puts the Prius in his book The Marketing Plan of the court from A to Z, and other factors affecting the revenue growth.

In short, if you want to enter the world of e-commerce must read this book first and what’s in it, and make it reference your primary e-commerce.

  • Benjamin Gundgaard, Smartphone E-commerce: Your step-by-step guide for building world-class smartphone e-commerce stores, 2017

Your step-by-step guide for building world-class smartphone

The other way is important in e-commerce presents to you, dear reader, Benjamin gender that Smart Phone (Smartphone), where he explains how it can benefit them in achieving big sales in e-commerce, describe Tamara Adeline Tamara Adlin, president and CEO of Adlin Inc. The director of the experiences of previous customers in the Amazon the importance of the book, saying, “implemented some of the guidelines under Will how to talk”. Answer under the all-important question: What can the phone the for e-commerce?

You can through the smartphone that you have the best models of e-marketing, where they ask you to lists of the 204 tip useful in creating an e-store. It is also the global standards for mobile e-dependent on the experiences of more electronic stores famous in the world such as Amazon, eBay, Asos, Walmart, Debenhams, so that you can benefit from their experience, and listen through your smartphone to overtake, even on the biggest names in the world of e-commerce.

Think of this methodology developed by the author on the experience of actual delivery to the customer, which includes crucial factors such as how to:

  • Maximize the first impression to the customer.
  • Give workers freedom of movement on your store.
  • Convince the client to purchase your products.
  • Sell more to each client.
  • To simplify the ordering process.
  • Get the customer back to buy more.

In conclusion, this book puts a new methodology for e-commerce and mobile, seeking to increase revenue while saving money spent on investments are wrong, know you smart phone how to create mobile store online properly from the ground up. This will help you to save a lot of time and money.

  • Adrian Mejia, Building an e-Commerce Application with MEAN, 2015

Building an e-Commerce Application with MEAN

Do you have a desire to create an electronic store for you? If the answer is yes, you are invited to peruse this book, Who knows where Adrian Mejia needs to build an e-commerce website, and what are the characteristics that you can utilize them to achieve more advantages, although this custom is more for JavaScript developers on the web or stack of rows so that this book demonstrates how to create an e-commerce application using the stack MEAN step by step through the process of learning and the construction parallel. It also explains how to create an e-commerce site ready for production high quality of zero, and provides the knowledge you need to expand the scope of the feature to your ecommerce site.

The book begins by the brief from the stack MEAN, followed by the manual step by step on how to create a store with AngularJS, prepare the database معMongoDB, the establishment of the programming interface تطبيقاتREST . It also explains how to manage user authentication and authorization, check the many payment systems, and the addition of search and navigation on the products, the dissemination of an e-commerce site ready for production, and finally add the advantage of high quality to the site.

  • Dan Croxen-John & Johann van Tonder, E-Commerce Website Optimization: Why 95% of Your Website Visitors don’t Buy, and What You Can Do About it.

Why 95% of Your Website Visitors Don't Buy

One of the most important books expected by year-end, the book offers an answer to the most important questions of the owners of ecommerce stores, how could it be my store email perfect? If you know see that the answer is one of the three ways to do that is to: increase visitor numbers to follow, increasing the numbers of buyers compared to the visitors, increasing the amount spent by the buyers to follow, if this answer is inevitable you from reading this book.

Knows Dan Cross John and Johann van tønder point of view other than improving your e-store and thus increase your sales, exceed improve the website relating to e-commerce, it combines usability, conversions, and persuasion; and to provide a clear methodology and detailed of the five steps of how to use the tools and techniques to improve your conversion rate (CRO) to increase the value of e-commerce web sites. Based on the latest theories and research, supported by a set of case studies that are invaluable. This book will help the reader to be familiar with the full confidence in making the right choices.

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