The latest budget Xiaomi was the old model

Yesterday, the Network appeared render ultrabudgetary new smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Go. The phone should cost no more than INR 5000 (about $ 70 or 4700 rubles). For the money users will get a smartphone with a simplified version of Android , and reduced Google services. As a rule, Go-vehicles is estimated at 80-100 dollars, so Go among them, the Redmi is in a winning position, but the situation is not so straightforward.

The fact that Redmi Go technically and externally is almost a complete copy Redmi 5A is a budget device, presented in 2017. Specifications of Redmi Go shown in the image below:

The phone will be equipped with the same battery at 3000 mAh, the same Snapdragon 425 and a 5-inch HD display. In addition, the camera new Redmi Go even inferior 5A. If the latter is used in the 13-Megapixel module in Redmi will Go only camera of 8 MP. It’s funny that in both cases the weight of the same vehicles — 137 grams, however, as their dimensions. In simple words, Go Redmi is Redmi 5A with a simplified camera on cut Android for $ 70.

Redmi Go

Redmi 5A

But let’s go on Aliexpress and see how much they can buy 5A. The phone is on average estimated at 8 thousand rubles. This is significantly more than the price tag of Redmi Go, but let’s see. The official price of Redmi Note 7 — $ 147 (9700 rubles), on Aliexpress this model is sold for 12200 rubles. Thus, the Redmi Go to the final consumer can cost up to 4700 rubles and 6,000 rubles.

Yes, we still buy for cheap, but received initially outdated smartphone with an aspect ratio of 16:9 screen and not a very attractive camera. Besides, I do not exclude that it simply decided to implement older components remaining in the warehouses.

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