The latest information about update Android 9 Pie on Samsung devices !

We spotted you in the subject of earlier leaked review update Android 9 Pie on devices Samsung Galaxy with the full details for the event, which made us expect never to early to determine the Android 9 Pie on Samsung devices before the end of the current year.

But according to The according to the application + Samsung won’t happen any change in the launch date updates Android usual on the Samsung devices this year, too, and will not be Project Treble no effect on the release schedule updates Samsung usual every year!

It is expected to start the trial version of Android 9 Pie on Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus over the next few days, however, the Korean company announced that it was not expected to reach the final version of the update to the phones Galaxy by the beginning of next year.

Which was adopted by the company last year to achieve Android Oreo, which arrived to the Galaxy S8 in the beginning of February 2018, and then to Note 8 in mid-March, and some phones didn’t get the update yet.

For its part, Samsung confirmed on the new features in the update, and 157 new emoji, in addition to the advantage of the Adaptive Battery and support a set of shortcuts and gestures of the new.

Finally, the only good news in this is that the support page for the demo version to achieve Android 9 Pie has started to broadcast for several days, which refers to the pilot launch is very close, but it will be limited to the number of users of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus across the United States and South Korea.

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