The latest leaked images reveal design phones P30 وP30 Pro

Use leaks spreading on the internet about phones Chinese giant associated P30 وP30 Pro, and leaks day monitoring of the clearest pictures that reveal the design of the phones Huawei possible, which officially launched on the 26th of March.

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Spotted the latest leaks and official specifications of the phone my P30 وP30 Pro after that posted a lot of pictures that put the playoffs of the first phones Huawei next.

However, the latest leaks and official do not vary significantly from shopping catalogs previous, with both phones designed bump waterdrop in the screen, with larger frame relative to the lower part of the design of the phones, also featuring all the phones sensor-fingerprint built-in screen.

Also, the phone P30 Pro camera design square shape to work at the end of the settings of the camera back, which camera sophisticated that technology supports zoom hybrid up to 10 times without any interference, it also has a phone camera lens with wide angles in the upper part of the settings of the camera, it also comes sensor ToF to the bottom of the LED flash, comes the power button on the side of the phone in red.

 Huawei P30

From another side comes a phone Huawei P30 with the same specs almost, except that it doesn’t features camera, sophisticated design of the box to zoom in, also comes the LED flash to the bottom of the settings tripartite camera, with a sensor ToF to bottom.

Also comes the design of this version built women waterdrop camera front, with the window sized relatively larger in the top and bottom of the phone.

Projections indicate that the telephone P30 Pro True Red, Twilight to the side of the Aurora, while the phone comes P30 in white, and Twilight to the side of the blue color, so we expect more precise details about the specifications of the phones in the internal organs during the coming period.


I know of

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