The latest leaks confirm that Samsung Galaxy A90 will not comes design slide camera

Confirmed leaks that the Galaxy A90 won’t be featuring a slide-in module for car headlights, that come camera the front in the bump in screen design Infinity-U.

Still Galaxy A90 attracts a lot of lights in anticipation for the official announcement, since a lot of details and leaks that conflicted about this version, as was previously pointed to it will be the first version of the series the new Samsung Galaxy R, while the confirmed leaks recently that it applies in two models, one Pro as one of the phones in Series A this year.

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I have spotted the leaks of a typical Galaxy A90, where comes the first model number SM-A905 while the second model number SM-A908, and that applies to both models with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

As pointed out leaks to the camera the background in the first model SM-A905 come settings with sensor key accurately 48 mega pixel camera and 12 mega pixel camera sensor and a third 5-megapixel as the phone supports the feature of “Tilt OIS”.

While the second model of the phone SM-A908 sensor key accurately 48 mega pixel camera sensor with 8 megapixels sensor and a third 5-megapixel. However, these cameras will not include a robot sophisticated try what Samsung made in the Galaxy A80, where the camera has a traditional design in the background.

From another side, the phone SM-A908 Super AMOLED display characteristic of the design of Infinity-U with display resolution FullHD Plus, as it applies all of my phone Galaxy A90 size of 6.7 inches in the screen.

Some of the expectations to be model SM-A905 is the highest version of the Galaxy A90, which guarantees screen quality QHD display with the technique of Tilt OIS in the camera, while recalling some of the leaks to the model SM-A908 come with support of networks of the fifth generation.


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