The latest leaks provide more details to the specifications of the Galaxy Note 10

See Korean giant this year to launch more than one model mobile phone its possible to Galaxy Note 10, and new leaks today published details of the most important features provided by Samsung in a series Note this year.

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One of the most important details that come in the leaks today MobielKopen about the Galaxy Note 10, revolving about test techniques and standards of HTML5 in the phone model that comes with the number SM-N976V in the benchmark, namely, the standards allow the test performance of different browsers, but it does offer a lot of detail about the performance of the phone with these standards.

The cost of this registration and also that the phone comes with 1440 in 3040 pixels, the same resolution display possible for my phone Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus, as projections indicate that this model is a version of the Galaxy Note 10 Pro 5G buy Verizon.

It is planned that this model of the Galaxy Note 10 Pro 5G screen characteristic size 6.75-inch, as characterized by the dimensions of the 19:9 as in the Galaxy S10.

Also among the specifications available for this version of the tire is possible on the slim too, with pieces of the screen which houses the camera front, with the latest leaks suggest that Samsung will cover the puncture site of the screen to middle of screen as an alternative to the hole in the side of the screen in the Galaxy S10.

On the other hand, projections indicate that the Galaxy Note 10 comes camera selfie one, while the Galaxy Note 10 Pro the two cameras selfie, that supports the sensor of the second depth of the imaging, as Come series Galaxy Note 10 this year settings multi-camera background up to the settings of the quad in the issuance of the Note 10 Pro.

Projections indicate that the camera background come in the series Note sensor 12 mega pixel camera featured with a variable, with the sensor 12 mega pixel camera comes lens the telephoto supports zoom even twice, as the phone comprises sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera with a lens characteristic wide-angle too, and also featuring a version of the older Galaxy Note 10 Pro sensor Time-of-Flight to determine the photographing bokeh effects and also augmented reality through the collection of more precise details in the scene.


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