The latest live images for Vivo X30 sample photos were taken with a camera phone

Stop shopping the comic around the phone Vivo X30 high, and in the latest shopping catalogs living recently published revealed the design of the phone with the samples of the image taking lens of the camera.

Published Han Boxiao production manager in the company Vivo some sample photos illustrate the efficiency of imaging with a camera phone Vivo X30 associated with, and reviewed samples of the audio zoom feature that offers clear details.

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Images confirm that the zoom feature in the phone Vivo X30 do not lose a large percentage of show quality in photos, particularly with a focus on a specific point in the photo.

Company focused Vivo especially to the zoom feature in the phone Vivo X30 which is the point of first marketing in the phone, where the handset comprises a lens Parthenon supports digital zoom and optical also even 60 times.

Has revealed shopping catalogs living is also about the design of the phone Vivo X30 clearer, where the phone features a camera hole of the screen that comes up in the right corner of the design of the phone as the phone comprises of three cameras, the design of the head, with the lens of the Parthenon comes in from the right side with LED flash.


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