The latest live pictures of the Galaxy S10 reveal new feature

Spotted today the latest live pictures of the Galaxy S10, which reveal more details about the phone associated with the announced next month.

Galaxy S10-leak

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Comes phone Galaxy S10 according to the new living with full control of one of the Sylphy built-in phone screen, it also has the advantage of Blockchain KeyStore to permit the user feature storage for this to work encrypted on the phone, where the page storage to support user protection, as the application supports at the current time تشفيرETH.

Have indicated previous leaks that the Galaxy S10 Plus with Ram 12 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 1 TB will come to the markets at a price of 1600 GBP, while the main form of phone Lite at the price of 780 pounds, while the Galaxy S10 with the random memory 6 GB and storage capacity of 128 GB at a price of 930 GBP.

Galaxy S10 life photo

Also scheduled to come the highest versions of the Galaxy S10 with full control dual front built-in screen, with the feature of charging the opposite from one phone to another which is presented in the phone Mate 20 Pro.

Recall that Samsung also reveal at the upcoming conference on the 20th of February from her phone rollaway Galaxy F, so we expect the conference of the Korean giant, which departs from San Francisco next month.


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