The latest secrets and tricks Google Maps application Google Maps

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The latest secrets and tricks Google Maps application Google Maps

Had google maps existed since the period of a mapping service, which initially began in 2005, so it has become necessary applications for millions of users around the world.

Despite his fame spread and availability by default on Android phones, but a lot of people don’t know to use it well, which is essential for travelers and hikers and people who want to explore new places.

If you of app users on Android or iOS who are looking to improve the experience of using Google Maps, so Continue reading!

Below you will find a range of fascinating tips and tricks that work like magic on all statutes, let’s talk!

The latest secrets and tricks Google Maps application Google Maps

To modify the type of map and its details

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

To modify the type of map

One of the most useful features in Google Maps is button ring located at the top right of the screen, directly below the search bar, when you click it reveals the application of all kinds of different maps and additional detail that can help you greatly while you travel.

In addition to all types default to the familiar, you can also choose to display Google Maps through satellite imagery, there is also a terrain mode that lets you see the terrain of a certain area.

You can then choose to further improve your map through the modes of public transport and traffic and bicycles that offer details about public transport and traffic flow, bike paths and, respectively.

Use Google Maps without an internet connection

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

Use Google Maps without an internet connection

Sometimes, travel to a foreign country to not having an internet connection on your phone, which could be annoying if you are alone.

Fortunately, allow you Google Maps download map for a particular region and save them to watch offline.

To do this, click on the list of the hamburgers on the search bar then click on the “offline maps” and select “select your map”.

Must appears a rectangle, and you can scroll and zoom in / zoom out in order to determine the map for a specific region and save, the bigger the size of the map, increased the volume on your phone.

And the good thing about this feature is that you will be able to view the map without any service, and even track your location thanks to the Global Positioning System.

You can take a stroll virtual using Street View

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

Street View

You can say a virtual tour of the poet or the place you are interested in to get a better idea about the world.

For that you only need to search for a particular place or drop a pin in Maps app, then click Sign place.

You can search by dragging your finger on the screen or clicking the compass, to drag to the left or right. You can also scroll quickly to the top or bottom on the blue line. For landscape mode, simply turn your phone to the side.

Easily find your car and share your location

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

Easily find your car

You can use Google Maps to share your geographic location, it also helps you find your car in the car park easily and quickly.

You only need to remember to open the app and clicking on the Blue Dot that shows your current location.

You should see a list containing 3 options, the latest “save the parking lot”, after saving your location you can get directions to ride your car from the app itself.

Gives you options the additional protocols in the above list share your current location with your friend and see the points of interest nearby.

Add multiple destinations to your trip

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

Multiple destinations for your trip

Is often use Google Maps simple tasks from point A to point B, but easy to add extra stop (or more) to your trip.

Just look for the place where you want to go to, then click on “directions”. After the start of your trip you can add add additional stops by clicking on the menu three dots that appear top left of the screen and press the “Add stop”.

Can help you the menu above also find a place for parking, and provide you options for a different path, etc.

Check the wait times at restaurants

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

Wait times at restaurants

Can be a wait in line for a seat in your favorite restaurant experience very annoying, fortunately you can help your Google Maps to avoid trouble by providing you with useful information about average wait times on a particular day.

You only need to search for the name of the restaurant within the app, then scroll down to the chart “days common” and specify the specific time of the day, there you will see how is the average wait at that time and plan accordingly.

Make a list of your favorite spots to visit.

خرائط جوجل , Google Maps

List back favorite to visit

Those who love tennis and going to Google Maps, the app allows users to store all their favorite websites in one place.

To do this, you only need to click on the website and pressing the “Save” button, from there select “new list”, and named her name, and add additional sites.

The good thing is that you can share your list with friends, you can even access them while not connected to the internet.

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