The latest shopping catalogs for your Samsung tablet associated GALAXY S6 TAB

Spotted leaks picture of new device Samsung tablet associated Galaxy Tab S6, where the recording and pictured on some of the specifications of the design revealed so far.

Is the giant Korean companies limited competition in the tablet market, where the witness already has the tablet market will decline by 3.3% through 2019, except that Samsung is preparing to issue a new market applies entitled Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 soon.

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In the new leaks published today has confirmed support device Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 coming with a pen stylus that connects magnetically to the device from the backside, so I won’t call Galaxy Tab S6 to store Pen stylus inside the device, which design would be better for many users.

From another side confirmed the registration of the comic to Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 tablet featuring the settings of the double cable control of rear, as confirmed by leaks to the absence of entrance to the heavens of the design of this version, from another side comes the Galaxy Tab S6 tablet four of the early and AKG audio.

As indicated shopping catalogs also indicates that Samsung will keep keyboard optional device Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 when it is launched officially.

Recall that the forecasts indicate the possibility of the official announcement of the Galaxy Tab S6 during the events of the conference Note 10 which is held in the month of August, or you may learn Samsung about the device separately during the month of August also.


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