The latest shopping catalogs live to my phone Moto G7 وMoto G7 Power

Before the launch conference of the Motorola which is held on the 7th of February next, spotted today the latest live images leaked for my phone Moto G7 وMoto G7 Power.


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Did not stop the leaks that are spread on the internet about the versions of Motorola’s next in my phone Moto G7 وMoto G7 Power, where he spotted the latest shopping catalogs live phones before the official announcement at the conference on 7 February.

And shopping catalogs first about the design of the phone Moto G7 that comes design waterdrop not the top in the screen, with the screen size of 6.24 inches, with a display quality of 1080 in 2270 pixels, it also has a phone processor chip Snapdragon 632, with Ram of 4 GB RAM.

Also featuring the phone settings and double camera back with a sensor 12 and a 5 mega pixel camera, the phone also comes equipped with a fingerprint in the background with full control of Silva accurately 8 mega pixel camera, also supports the phone battery capacity of 3000 mAh.

While the phone Moto G7 Power the smaller size of the company that come the size of 6.22 inches, with protrusion of the top in the screen size the biggest is trying to design a extrusion in phones the iPhone, as the phone features a quality display 720 in 1520 pixels, featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 632.

It is scheduled to come phone Moto G7 Power with more than choice of RAM between 2, 3 coupled with 4 GB RAM, with full car front one accurately 12 mega pixel camera, and front accurately 8 mega pixel camera, it also has the highest capacity battery of 5000 mAh, also expected to apply phone Moto G7 at the price of $ 350, while the phone comes Moto G7 Power at the price of $ 375.


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