The latest shopping catalogs review the green and white color for Pixel 4

Recently published the latest shopping catalogs phone Google representative Pixel 4, which reveal the colors available for the phone in the three choices are white, green along with black color.

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More leaks about the versions of the search giant linked to this year’s Pixel 4 ÙˆPixel 4XL, where these leaks after confirm Google officially on the design camera background to design the box for the next versions of the phones Pixel 4.

And related leaks today to review the design of the phone Pixel 4 in light green with a white color, but this comic is still uncertain even now.

It is submitted in accordance with these shopping catalogs that includes a model representative of the green light button to run the special in yellow, while model representative of the White right-running characteristic in blue, while the true model of the possible in black and right-turn white.

Include some expectations that this photo created by one of the creators and do not represent the reality, due to the installation of the camera background which is different from the first images published across the search giant, so we expect more leaks to get clearer on the specifications of the phones Pixel 4 before the official announcement from the search giant.


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