The latest update from Google Gboard makes typing much easier

Google has released an update for keyboard Gboard to version 7.6. Update greatly simplifies typing, especially with one hand. Some users talk about problems.

The main feature Gboard v7.6 — floating keyboard, reports Phone Arena. Users can undock the window for typing the text and place it in any convenient location. Regulation of the size of the keyboard too. Due to this, owners of smartphones will surely simplify the process of typing with one hand.

To activate the innovations push the button after pressing the three dots at the top of the keyboard.

Not without useful features. If the keyboard is detached on one and the same place without touching user, its transparency reduced by approximately one half. Because of this, the owner of the device will see what is under the window.

Some users report problems with Gboard. The floating keyboard can disappear a few minutes after the start of work. Fixed bug surely arrive soon.

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