The latest update to Google Chrome is endangering millions of users

A function of reducing the URLS that appeared in the latest build of Google Chrome, threatens the security of millions users browser. This is reported by researchers BleepingComputer. According to them, the innovation increases the number of phishing attacks with all the consequences.

Claim experts to Chrome is that the browser reduces the URL of any portal, by removing from it the subdomains www and m in relation to mobile versions. According to Google developers, the new technology makes the page more concise, while not affecting download speed.

What is the danger?

Using the fact that the victims do not see the whole name, the crooks will be able to give fake sites for the original. Because of this exponentially increase the theft of credentials to access Bank accounts, social network accounts and e-mail services.

The users who learned about the innovation, said that Google was not originally supposed to implement the function of the shortening of URLS in Chrome, since any part of the domain name has value. Official Google representatives at the time of publication not given any comments.

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